Under New Management

Under New Management

Well - I am the proud owner of a new business!

How did it happen? Good question!

Let me give you some context - we have in recent weeks been getting ready to move house to the Caulfield area (for ministry purposes). Caulfield is known to be pricey - and we've been praying and seeking the Lord for extra income to cover the increased costs. While I am happy to do my bit, getting the extra money seemed a bit of a stretch.

Yesterday I received a surprising email - a Christian web hosting provider in QLD is leaving his business due to illness, and wants me to take over. He does not want any money from me at all - even though it is normal practice and the business is valuable. The new clients will bring in a steady monthly income - increasing my monthly earnings by around 33%. I am just amazed at the Lord's provision!

China missionary Hudson Taylor famously said "God's work, done God's way - will never lack God's provision!' Amen!

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